You’ve probably found this page because you’re contemplating or facing the prospect of divorce. If you live in Baton Rouge, you’ve found the right place for help. There aren’t many things in life tougher than breaking up a marriage. Going through a divorce is exhausting and emotionally draining. Whether you’re worried your divorce will digress into a Hollywood drama, or you just want to move on and start the rest of your life, our Baton Rouge local lawyers are ready and waiting to help you through your divorce.

Our firm is built upon the idea that individualized attention and understanding is the cornerstone to a meaningful customer relationship and an integral part of how we help our clients navigate the divorce process. We start with integrity, and honesty, then add in our years of experience to serve you and meet your needs. Simply put, we’ll be your partners through the divorce process.

Divorces in Baton Rouge

As with most municipalities, Baton Rouge has seen a marked increase in “no-fault” divorce filings. A “no-fault” filing occurs when both spouses agree to terminate the marriage due to irreconcilable differences. Although “no-fault” filings are far more common in Baton Rouge these days, our firm is equally adept at handling cases where only one spouse seeks to terminate the marriage. Typical “one-sided” grounds for filing include substance abuse, infidelity, or criminal activity. Regardless of the grounds or filing type, rest assured our experience can be put to work for you.

Why Use an Attorney?

Do you understand all the legal implications of a divorce and feel confidence in making your case in a court of law? If your answer is no, then you need to employ the services of a divorce lawyer. Take advantage of our no-obligation consultation to see how using our services can help you move to the next phase of your life.

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